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about danssabeel

Danssabeel is an educational space intended for dance and movement art practice in a safe noncompetitive atmosphere creating a supportive community and live database for students, dancers, choreographers, musicians and performance artists to learn, network and collaborate. Danssabeel creates committed, but flexible programs for students wishing to invest in an effective dance and movement training and build their intellectual and physical dance knowledge


Since the concept of Danssabeel is based on self-development through dance, we have created a well thought out plan where a minimal level of commitment would allow you to invest in your own training, by chosing the program(s) that you desire or need the most. The course combinations have been selected for each program based on those most complimentary to each other.

contemporary dance

Contemporary Dance

contemporary dance

Contemporary dance is a type of theatrical dance which has a historical lineage from classical ballet which acted as a spring board from which it has evolved over the last century

Classical Training

classical training

Classical ballet has its lineage in the Royal courts of Europe especially France where it started shifting from Social aristocratic dance evolving into a more virtuosic dance over time into a more sophisticated codified dance for the stage

classical training

Somatic training

To develop a sensitively balanced body by using slow meditative movement, unblocking the nervous system, softly strengthening the joints and muscles through inner energy flow.

Strength Training for Dance

Strength Training for Dance

These practices provide complimentary training for strengthening, stretching and mobilizing muscles specifically used in contemporary dance and ballet and gives the same benefits to anyone even if they are for general optimum physical efficiency and tone.

Strength Training for Dance

Egyptian Foloklore


Indigenous dance practice from North to South and east to west of Egypt, learning both masculine and feminine styles. This provides a wide range of beats especially since Middle Eastern music is known for having a more intricate musicality through its use of the quarter tone



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