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About Danssabeel

about danssabeel


Danssabeel is an oasis of transformation valuing each student as an individual rather than simply a dance student, whether the student is professionally intended or interested in self-development through dance.  The perspective is to view each student holistically, where one’s humanity is considered inseparably entwined with the art of dance; the dancer is approached in totality as a being first and foremost connected to all aspects of life rather than someone only physically training

Here dance is considered as the chosen means by which to express one’s being rather than a prize to be separately gained regardless of one’s inner life; there is no announced slogan for this at danssabeel, but merely having this as a clear intention allows all its actions to unfold accordingly.  The idea of a place where one can begin to “be” and safely expand into oneself, into one’s own being is of prime importance for the art of dance to have meaning

Here is where the development happens: through a mutual exchange of authentically “holding space” for one’s being and expanding through movement training, where the movement allows for one’s own kinesthetically evolving sensations to have a corresponding evolution in one’s thoughts and perceptions therefore expanding back into and through that held space

about danssabeel studio

Even though logically speaking, the dance student’s focus for the most part is the dance class, the essentiality is felt to also allow for creative experiences related to their being and learning to be outside the dance studio; to empower the core from which one’s life springs. The student will be affected by the general intention towards a holistic perspective; on a more practical note, from life experience through retreats, from being exposed to formal and informal awareness of nutrition, events which would include dance presentations and cultural nights and encouraging the community to come together for self-development through creative movement practice.

Danssabeel is conscious of the interdependence and network of life’s different aspects for the most part and the connection of the dancer to his/her environment and the impact each has on the other; practices which are sustainable to the environment will be exposed and brought into play such as planting growing and cooking one’s own food, connecting to nature and oneself resourcefully and respectfully also bringing in the visceral and tactile experience in.

All this is done with the belief that everything that one reads, eats, feels, thinks, touches and experiences pours into one’s dance experience since dance after all is the expression of one’s world. Vice versa, a conscious dancer through which an awareness of life flows, is the dancer with an expanded sense of self will be the vivid artist who brings clarity, beauty and light into the community and the wider audience.  It is a peaceful, silent revolution of the mind and the senses, pouring into the small community with its vibrations reverberating into the rest of society and the world.



Since the concept of Danssabeel is based on self-development through dance we have created a well thought out plan where a minimal level of commitment would allow you to invest in your own training by choosing the program(s) that you desire or need the most.  The course combinations have been selected for each program based on those most complimentary to each other.


The main dance focus here is on contemporary dance and classical ballet, where other forms of movement are offered as significant support to them to increase the student’s physical strength, abilities, kinesthetic awareness, the body mind connection and versatility beyond a style, however these other forms are also offered with the understanding that they stand with great significance on their own. This is for the student who wishes to hone in on her/his training towards becoming a professional dancer/mover.