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Classical Training

danssabeel classical ballet

Classical ballet has its lineage in the Royal courts of Europe mainly France (that explains why all the ballet terminology is in the French language) where it started shifting from Socially coded aristocratic dance evolving into a more virtuosic dance over time into a more sophisticated codified professional dance for the stage. Classical ballet has been seen to be a great base for other dance styles especially contemporary, providing great articulation of the body, known for its beauty of line and wide range of motion.

Beginners/Adult Ballet

danssabeel beginners and adults ballet

The goal of Ballet Level 1 is to impart the fundamentals of classical ballet. Class will focus on basic ballet technique, proper body alignment, the positions of the arms and legs, French terminology and flexibility. Students will be introduced to elementary barre and center and floor work.  The approach will range from: 

  1. working progressively focusing on understanding and refining a few basic ballet movements, eventually employing them lyrically in the simplest of ways to music to impart a feeling of dance and confidence
  2. briefly challenging the student with a more sophisticated, but safe movement that requires coordination to get a sense of the more general lines and flow of the movement and its dynamic even if all the details are yet to be mastered ( this is to give a taste for some freedom within the technical challenge ).

Intermediate Ballet

Intermediate ballet

Detailed fine tuning breath of movement and expression towards an increasingly advanced repertory of steps; petit and grand allegros and all forms of pirouette. The training follows the classical ballet class structure; approximately half an hour at the bar including stretches, half an hour center work including pirouettes, foot work and weight shifting exercises with arm and head coordination, half an hour traveling across the diagonal, phrases with small jumps (petite allegro) and phrases with bigger traveling jumps across the diagonal (grand allegro).

Advanced - Intermediate Ballet

Dear professional dancers, this is for you!
For a long time, we have all wished to create an opportunity for dancers working in the field to come together and train, to stay stimulated for dance, and keep their bodies and minds fit for performance. Now the opportunity has come! We are happy to announce the opening of a training spot for you professionals and dancers with strong background only!
Come join Salvatore Cataldo for his advanced intermediate Ballet Class at a facilitated price.