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Egyptian Folklore

Egyptian Foloklor

Indigenous dance practice from North to South and east to west of Egypt, learning both masculine and feminine styles. This provides a wide range of beats especially since Middle Eastern music is known for having a more intricate musicality through its use of the quarter tone. You will learn how to guide the audience’s visual attention to different aspects within your dance frame; the eye being guided from the torso to the elegant hand and arm movements to leg action and feet and the breezy swift lightness of the veil action leaving traces of its own movement in the air.

Belly Dance

danssabeel belly dance program

In this class, you will learn old and contemporary belly dance styles whilst keeping a keen awareness of grace and elegance of movement.  You are taken through the details of belly dance technique and will be able to learn steps and combinations whilst being attentive to musicality.  In addition to learning undulation of the torso and spine in all directions, special attention will also be paid to travelling steps, folkloric elements, hand gestures, arm movements, “zills” and veil technique.

Whirling dance

Whirling dance

Whirling dance started in Turkey in the thirteenth century by Jalal Al-Deen Al- Romey.. Its idea is based on circumventing around the spirit as a way to celebrate the universe and the life cycle.. it was well known by Rotation or Darawiish dance .. The Ballerina Tutu dance (Al Tanura) which is very famous in Egypt is derived from the mystic dance and became one of the default traditions of celebration.
We concentrate on the rapport and relation among the body, the mind and the spirit through experiencing and acknowledging what our bodies and minds go through while “rotation”.
Throughout our perception and acceptance to what is going on rotating, we will learn how to avoid dizziness and manage it. We will learn how to make balance between the energy flow in our bodies and rooting our bodies with stability on the ground.
We will create safe spaces to rotate.. we will support you with tanora (skirts) in case you want to wear and use them.. you will find fully encouragement to each one of you to rotate depending on your needs and feelings.