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Somatic training

To develop a sensitively balanced body by using slow meditative movement, unblocking the nervous system, softly strengthening the joints and muscles through inner energy flow.

Conscious Movement

The goal of this practice is to create the conditions for ourselves to access the depth of our being, to become aware and bring forth the formless essence which expresses itself through our form, to recognize our connection to the universal macro phenomena in our micro world. This process exists in us by default so by going through this experience consciously, we reignite our awareness of this connection and regenerate ourselves on every level; mental, emotional and physical as well as our relationship to others and the world around us.

The proposal is a Guide to the knowledge of the dynamics of movement, in order to accompany the “traveler” towards an in-depth analysis and investigation of their “awareness”, rediscovering the deep and hidden part of “himself”. Just like any living being on earth, we will be able to observe and perceive the “migration” of our body according to the laws dictated by the universe, through the perception and alignment with the slow passage of time, of the seasons, through the search for conscious action of the movement in the roots that we have planted and developed from contact with mother earth. By the process of branching lines of descent in the evolution of life, reconstructing and determining ancestral relationships between species (living and extinct) is the task.

Path aimed at all performers, all those who make the body an expressive means, actors, dancers, musicians, holistic operators, pedagogues, movement technicians, post-urologists, practitioners of yogic practices, and all those involved in the practice of movement in its countless archetypes.

Tai Chi

danssabeel Tai Chi

Tai chi s an ancient Chinese martial art performed slowly through a sequence of meditative movements. This gentle practice unblocks the nervous system, joints, and tissues guided by the breath – promoting the natural and inner flow of Chi (life energy).

The exercises are suitable for all fitness levels, ranging from the experienced mover to beginners, and is highly recommended for seniors. Tai Chi is taught in a way that allows each participant to expand or minimize the movements according to their level of fitness, allowing them to gain the most benefits of Tai Chi at their own pace.

Awareness Through Movement ( Fedldenkrais )

Awareness through movement ( Feldenkrais )

Awareness through movement (ATM) designed to bring our attention to the organization of our body, its habits and patterns in order that we better understand, heal injuries, feel and explore the infinite possibilities we are capable of bringing general ease and comfort.