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Somatic training

To develop a sensitively balanced body by using slow meditative movement, unblocking the nervous system, softly strengthening the joints and muscles through inner energy flow.

Tai Chi

danssabeel Tai Chi

Tai chi s an ancient Chinese martial art performed slowly through a sequence of meditative movements. This gentle practice unblocks the nervous system, joints, and tissues guided by the breath – promoting the natural and inner flow of Chi (life energy).

The exercises are suitable for all fitness levels, ranging from the experienced mover to beginners, and is highly recommended for seniors. Tai Chi is taught in a way that allows each participant to expand or minimize the movements according to their level of fitness, allowing them to gain the most benefits of Tai Chi at their own pace.

Awareness Through Movement ( Fedldenkrais )

Awareness through movement ( Feldenkrais )

Awareness through movement (ATM) designed to bring our attention to the organization of our body, its habits and patterns in order that we better understand, heal injuries, feel and explore the infinite possibilities we are capable of bringing general ease and comfort.